All sample packs are 100% Royalty Free and all samples included are Loopcloud ready.

Are you ready for Hard Underground Techno? Industrial Strength is back with another hard techno pack with UK vibes. This latest collection offers up everything you can hear in the demo, plus much more!

This new pack was created in the UK and is set for any techno style in need of a heavy edge. Coming equipped with a range of powerful drums, solid synth parts, sound effects, atmospheres, and basslines.

These high-quality 24-bit WAV files will work in any modern DAW. Everything is 100% license-free to use your way. Get creative and see what you can achieve!

We’ve also included a set of drum one-shots so you can work your magic in the studio and create unique beats in a flash. If you’re looking to keep up to date with a sound that’s making waves in the underground clubs, this sample pack is your place to start.

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Industrial Strength are back with a new addition to their ever-growing catalogue of sample packs for hard techno!

It’s fair to say that this sample pack is a production powerhouse – ideal for solid grooves, versatile melodies, and creating heavy-duty techno energy.

The Industrial Strength team has spared no expense in providing top-quality 24-bit samples which will work in any modern DAW. With expertise and a love for the scene, feel the fire through this outstanding production pack.

Hard Hitting Techno goes for a much cleaner approach to hard techno, whilst still highlighting distinctive distorted percussion. These sounds will cut through any mix; slamming techno beat ideas to get your tracks developed fast.

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Are you ready for an acid apocalypse? Chicago Loop returns with another blistering sample collection for classic acid house and techno productions.

This new pack dives deep into acid house & techno – expect to find everything you hear in the demo track and more. Filled with ever-evolving acid synth riffs, warehouse basslines, and as a bonus, pounding drum loops to get your tracks started fast!

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Chicago Loop’s Underground Hard Techno pack is now part of Loopcloud Drum. This expansion features 3 kit presets & 48 one-shot samples from this awesome techno pack for use within the Loopcloud Drum VST plugin.

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Are you ready for the underground? How about Underground Hard Techno? Industrial Strength is back with another dose of the good stuff.

This pack contains 100% license-free samples to use your way – that’s high-quality 24-bit WAV content ready for any modern DAW. Made with plenty of skill and authentic down to the core, we know our techno better than anyone else. Get down and dirty with thumping kicks, acid synths, atmospheric pads, and gnarly FX. Full-on signature sounds with enough room for more creative endeavours at your fingertips.

Containing everything you can hear in the demo track and more, get set for a fresh taste of the underground for your hard techno productions.

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Chicago Loop is back with another off-the-chain Techno Sample pack. This pack contains all the drum, synth, bass and arp loops you need to make driving techno.

This pack also has Midi files to boost up your synth plug-ins. Powered By Techno hits hard with drones, atmos, and Vocal loops. But it does not stop there. You also get a dope set of Serum Presets to boot you up. Combine the Midi files and you’re off in no time flat.

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Chicago Loop’s Infected Techno pack is now part of Loopcloud Drum. This expansion features 3 kit presets & 48 one-shot samples from this awesome techno pack for use within the Loopcloud Drum VST plugin.

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SAMPLE PACK -Techno Synth Lines – Chicago Loop.A powerhouse collection of 24 Bit Techno Synth goodness. 277 Audio files + 11 NI Massive X presets weighing 1.28 GB ! We even tossed in 11 NI Massive X presets! All the synth lines evolve over time so you can chop them up and create movement while using the samples. You Get 100 Synth Lines plus other elements + Drones, Synth Fx, Top Loops, Percussion Loops plus 6 of our Industrial Strength Loop Kits to get your juices going!

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Chicago Loop’s Driven By Techno pack is now part of Loopcloud Drum. This expansion features 3 kit presets & 48 oneshot samples from his signature pack for use within the Loopcloud Drum VST plugin.

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Chicago Loop is back with another instalment of his ever-growing techno collection. This new sample pack dives deep into techno, as you might have guessed. Time to stay in and infect your DAW with his dopest sound pack to date. You get loads of drums loops, top loops, bass grooves, synth loops, FXs, and loads of drum shots to program your own signature drum tracks in no time flat. This essential 24 Bit techno pack is 100% License Free to use your way. No Fuss! You get Chicago Loop in your studio and there is no telling what you can come up with. Check that phat demo track out and check what’s on offer. Everything in the demo track is included in this new collection. Infected Techno weighs in at over 600Mb of pure content. With over 300 samples you’re good to go. Twist these sounds up into your next track or remix and let your inspiration run wild. This latest Chicago Loop creation is a sonic mega blast to inspire your next big thing.

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Following our Barcelona Hard Techno pack, this brand new collection contains our trademark Industrial Strength loop kit format. You can kick them up your own way. Add your signature touch and you’re off. You get instant inspiration with maximum creation in mind. Lisbon Techno features banging 24 Bit audio to rip your next production or remix, Lisbon style! Expect to find everything you hear in the demo track and more. You get a mean set of 100% License Free drum loops, techno FXs, grooves, bonus audio and Lisbon vibes. It’s an all-in-one super charged Micro Pack. If you’re into techno, then you already know Lisbon is a hot spot for kicking parties, rocking DJ’s and well produced techno music. This pack gives you that extra techno edge with no limits to create Lisbon style tracks with ease. If you cant get to Portugal during this time, we are bringing it to you. So fire up your DAW Industrial Strength style and let your imagination take over.

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Mainroom Techno Stabs features loads of elements to add to your remixes and productions. You get drum loops, grooves, and you guessed right, it also includes techno stabs. This new sonic adventure is 100% License Free and ready for action. This, like all our packs was made with love and attention to detail. Chicago Loop created a unique twist to this pack. He did not want to make the same old stab pack of yesterday. He combined old school rave stabs, modern tech stabs and essential stabs for any road you wish to take. Check the demo track out and you can listen for yourself. This forward thinking collection is a perfect addition to his on-going collection of techno sample packs such as Driven By Techno and Acid Machines. Pure Techno goodness! Techno Stabs is also Loopcloud ready. Chicago Loop Techno Stabs offers up some high quality 24 Bit wav samples at a great price as well.

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Just juicy 303 style acid yummy. This latest sample pack offers you 1.79 GB of pure content. All the elements you need to explore acid in your next techno kicker. This man know a thing or two about London Acid Techno. Acid Machines is right on point. The sound is what you would expect form Chicago Loop. Top notch. The loops evolve over time to make your tracks move and flow while they play. The files are all tempo marked and keyed for ease of use.  All the files contained are 24 Bit Wav Audio and will work in any modern DAW.  Yes this collection is 100% License Free for a hassle free experience. Chicago Loop really went to town on this one. It is the perfect add on to his Driven By Techno sample pack. Acid Machines delivers brand new content to twist up your way. You also get acid synth loops and some bonus drums to get you started up as soon as you open this pack. If you’re looking for a dope, highly usable Acid Techno pack with banging sonics from this amazing techno artist, it’s safe to say this is it!

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We are proud to present another premier artist sample collection.  Driven By Techno from Chicago Loop is a powerful new sample pack for production and remixing. Now you can get this amazing set of 100% License Free 24 Bit audio for your next techno production. This collection weighs in on 1.5 GB of pure techno goodness. Driven By Techno features loads of inspiration as well as true test tools for making techno music. Driven By Techno includes, phat kick drums, real 303 acid bass-lines, hard hitting drum-shots and top loops, plus FX, synth leads and of course techno atmosphere ready to drop into any track or remix. Expected to find top quality audio to drive your next track into a sonic masterpieces. Everything in the demo track is included in this sample pack. If you seek an amazing new collection form this incredible artist then here it is.

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